Demolition; Salina Area Technical College/Big Blue

Congratulations! to Staton Diehl with Diehl Enterprise Inc. Staton Diehl is the demolition contractor awarded the demo project for Salina Area Technical College “big blue.” Kaleb Diehl with Diehls Trucking Service Inc. will be supplying the Enddump Service for the demo project. Let’s take a look inside “We are honored to have the privilege toContinue reading “Demolition; Salina Area Technical College/Big Blue”

About; Demolition Permits Commercial or Residential

Do I need a demolition permit? A demolition permit is needed if you are wrecking or removing/disturbing any load supporting or load bearing structural member of the building or support walls. Residential Demolition Permits Is required for the demolition of a residential building with four or less dwelling units (includes garages and sheds). Commercial DemolitionContinue reading “About; Demolition Permits Commercial or Residential”

Heavy Equipment Dangers

•Heavy Equipment• ☆Danger Zones☆ •Blind Spots• ☆Dangers☆ If you can’t See the Operator. They can’t See you. Always make Eye Contact with the Operator •Rotating Machinery• ☆Dangers☆ Boom Arm and Tail Swing radius Track path Forward and Backwards •Overhead Hazards• ☆Dangers☆ Overhead utility lines, overhead piping, and cable trays, etc. •WorkingOver• ☆Dangers☆ or around existing underground BasementsContinue reading “Heavy Equipment Dangers”

End Dumps, Tips Before you Buy

When you are in the market for a bottom dump, side , or end dump trailer to support your hauling needs, consider these key factors before making your purchase, including the differences between trailers, what they haul, and the benefits and limitations of each one. An end dump trailer unloads by lifting its dump boxContinue reading “End Dumps, Tips Before you Buy”

Operating an Excavator, Skills & Tips

Operating modes Productivity can be enhanced by taking advantage of an excavator’s operating modes. Fine grading mode or throttle position mode. These automatic settings optimize both the speed of the engine and hydraulic settings some jobs can take more power than others. Read the equipments owner’s manual for operating instructions. Before you operate the excavator!!!Continue reading “Operating an Excavator, Skills & Tips”

Amazing Pictures, Heavy Equipment & Demolition Structures

Tearing things up with a Excavator!! Operating heavy equipment takes expertise and knowledge. These machines can be very dangerous if you do not know how to operate them. There are schools out there that can train you to operate heavy equipment. Going through classes attends to get companies to look at you faster for hire.

Dad Laws, Require them to say this before it’s time to leave

Let’s rock and roll Let’s skedaddle Saddle up Partners Let’s Roll Let’s get the heck out of Dodge let’s blow this Popsicle stand let’s hit the road Let’s get moving like a herd of turtles Let’s hightail out of here Let’s hit the road Jack