About, Demolition Permits

Will I need, Commercial or Residential Demolition permits?

A demolition permit is needed if you are wrecking or removing/disturbing any load supporting or load bearing structural member of the building or support walls.

Residential Demolition Permit

They are required for the demolition of a residential building with four or less dwelling units (includes garages and sheds).

Residential, Single Story

Commercial Demolition Permits

They are required for a demolition of a commercial, industrial, healthcare, school or residential structure.


How long does it take to get my permit application approved?

In most cases permit applications will be reviewed and approved within 48 hours after receiving it. Although applications must be submitted 10 business days before the start date.

How long is a permit valid for?

A permit can be valid for up to 30 calendar days.

Can a homeowner demo their own structure?

Yes, in some States. You’ll have to check with your city of the state you live in for homeowners permit to demo.

Most information asked on permits.

Demolition permit applications are different in many Cities and States. Some acquire more detailed information than others.

Asbestos Inspection Report / Asbestos Permit number (if abated). If the structure was built after 1982,

Survey/Photographs of Structures to be demolished.

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