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Dump truck service in Salina, KS
28ft Frame Enddump Trailer

The End dump is a trailer that attaches behind the semi-truck. Once your airlines and light chord are plugged in, you will attach either single hydraulic line or double hydraulic line. Which will elevate the trailer up and down from using the semi-trucks PTO system. A dump truck has a dump bed attached to the frame, you do not have to attach airlines, light cord, or hydraulic lines. It will also elevate up and down from the trucks PTO system.

The semi you will need a Class A CDL because of (GVWR) Gross Vehicle Weight is over 26,001 pounds with the trailer. The single axle dump can be loaded under 10,000 pounds witch you do not need a CDL. The Double-axle and Triple-axle and Quad-axle you will need a CDL, and they have many more axle Dump and End dump Trailers


Dump Truck/ Pros – Cons

  • Versatile in congested areas
  • Precise dumping
  • Able to spread loads, by hooking chains on end gate.
  • Easier to back with no trailer
  • Cannot haul as much as an End dump

End Dump / Pros – Cons

  • Heavier loads
  • Longer distance delivers
  • Material lodged at the front of the trailer. makes it tip back and forth, easier to tip over.
  • Backing up with trailer

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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