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Skills and tips: Productivity can be enhanced by taking advantage of an excavator’s operating modes. Fine motor grading mode or throttle position mode. These automatic settings optimize both the speed of the engine and hydraulic settings. Some jobs can take more power than others. Read the equipment owner’s manual before operating the excavator. Using the wrong modes for the wrong job can cause engine issues and failure.

Excavator skills and tips: One of the most common mistakes is failing to plan where to put your Demolition Debris. Blocking yourself in can result in moving material more times than necessary. Take time to visualize how the job will progress to avoid boxing the machine in between Obstacles or the Demolition Debris or limiting your reach. Causing your productivity to slow down, in the end costing you and your customer time and money.

demolition debris
Cat Excavator
Building demos quickly, doesn’t take long with the power of an excavator.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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