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“My Dump Trucking Company is focused on the Timing of your Project.

Kaleb Diehl

Dump Trucking Services You Can Count On

End dump

Hello, let us deliver your aggregate to your Commerical, Residential, or Stock yard projects with our on-time End Dump Trucking Services. We deliver the lowest rates in an around Salina Kansas. Contact us Commodities Hauled; Sand, Gravel, AB3 Road Rock, Millings, Topsoil, Fill dirt, Concrete debris…and more

Dump Trucking

Hi, let us deliver your Sand, Gravel, Road Rock, Millings and much more with our Dependable Dump Trucking Service to your New Development Projects. You can hire our trucking services by the ton or hour depending on the project. If you’re not sure what kind of material, you need. Contact Us we would be happy to assist you on the material you are looking for.

lowboy trucking

Lowboy Trucking

Looking for a Heavy Hauling Lowboy Service. Contact Us equipment’s Hauled. Front wheel loader, bulldozer, Road grader, Asphalt Roller, Dump trucks…and more


Safety First

Truck Driving Championships are the Super Bowl of Safety First. It is held in Topeka Kansas every year. Where truck drivers who were employed with a company for 12 months actively driving and with no accidents can participate.

Get to know us

Diehls Trucking Services Inc. is a family-owned dump trucking company in the core of Salina, KS. Where we value Integrity, Dependability and Appreciate the lasting Smile of a completed project, once you try our services there’s no next. Generally, we deliver in Salina, KS and surrounding communities but will service throughout Kansas.

Below are some Aggerates we can deliver to your projects.

  • Sand – fill and fine sand, used for concrete projects and landscaping
  • Gravel – 1/2″ to 3/4″ is great for driveways and lateral septic lines
  • AB3 Rock 3/4″ – not washed means dirtier packs very well for driveways
  • Washed River Rock – It’s like pea gravel great for egress windows
  • Dirt – for filling, topsoil for landscaping, construction
  • Debris removal – concrete, tear out, junk hauling
  • Rip Rap – large boulders or rocks for bridges, ditches, embankments
  • Millings – great for driveways and roads
  • Tear out – Millings, Concrete and more
  • Asphalt hauling – hot, cold anywhere in Kansas
  • Agli me – Gy soil – field deliver’s local around Salina, KS
  • Removal hauls off – demo debris, concrete tear out, sidewalks, basement foundation, tree debris, and many more

Looking for local Sand, Gravel, Quarrys around Salina, KS

Hamm Quarry

Johnson Sand

Thank you, for taking the time to look through the Website. If you didn’t find the Information you were looking for. Please! Reach out to me with the Form Below. If you have any Questions About Trucking Services. I’ll Respond the same day. 🤝

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