End Dumps, Tips Before you Buy

When you are in the market for a bottom dump, side , or end dump trailer to support your hauling needs, consider these key factors before making your purchase, including the differences between trailers, what they haul, and the benefits and limitations of each one.

An end dump trailer unloads by lifting its dump box into the air and dumping from the back gate. End dumps typically have higher sides than belly and side dumps, which give them greater capacity to handle larger loads for greater payloads.

Beware when opening the trailer door. Debri can be lodged, applying pressure on the door and may spring open and injury you or anybody standing near.
WATCH!! The Trees Fall Out Awesome.

Published by Diehls Trucking

Diehls Trucking Service Inc. has the heavy equipment needed to tackle demolition jobs of all sizes. Our team of highly trained professionals will safely get rid of your condemned or unwanted buildings, structures, and houses.

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